DIY Makeup Trends For Spring 2023

DIY Makeup Trends For Spring 2023
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Feb 2023

Beauty trends can be especially tricky to predict, as they evolve constantly and there's something new and exciting happening all the time. Some are strikingly neon, and some are more questionable than others, like mehendi as a transfer-proof lip colour. [photo1]Prepare your makeup bag as bold makeup is officially back, if the

runways are any indication. Spring 2023 is all about layers and layers of lots of liner, blush and shadow. That being said, there are trends for those of us who want something a little more subtle, too. From nostalgic Y2K-inspired looks (frosted lipstick!) to viral TikTok worthy makeup, here are the looks we're predicting will be everywhere this season. For 2023, here are some of the cool ones we think will dominate the trend cycle this spring summer. Don't Miss: The Hype About Mugwort Extract In Korean Skincare Explained[photo2]

Frosted Makeup Is Everything

Frosting as a makeup trend is everywhere as the spring summer approaches us in a hot minute. Y2k shimmer can be polarising, but are oh-so-fun as well. To skip looking like you raided a children's makeup shop, you should opt for dimension against a one-note shade. Add to this the charm of a great lip trend served fresh for you. It may be a little extra, but the icy trend isn't just reserved for eyes. Frosted lip colour is making a comeback post the 90s with a bang.Don't Miss: 4 Beauty Benefits Of Jojoba Oil For The Win

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Underpainting Is A True Makeup Moment

A post shared by Gisele Ayora | Latina Creator ??|Beauty Videos ? (@gisele.ayora)This spring, going reverse on your makeup routine is what will trend. You should expect a more subtle take on the layers of blush, contouring and highlighting since it'll all be done backwards to look all naturel. Inspired by celebrity makeup artists this is called the Mary Phillips trend which is a method that entails applying contour first, with concealer and foundation layered on top. What makeup? The look is barely there but still makes you glow like a pro.